Information for visitors

Visitor guidance 

     For the companies wishing to participate in "Key2 TM" as a Visitors (Buyers), it is necessary to complete the "Visitor enquiry" on the event website.
◊   "Visitor enquiry" is available online up to 5 days before start event.
You should fill the form “Visitor enquiry” and give us complete information about your company. This information will be helpful for Exhibitors of the event, they will be able define more precisely the purpose of your visit and include you into schedule of appointments.
◊   After filling out the online-form "Visitor enquiry" and sending it you will automatically receive a letter with confirmation of your participation and where your “login” and “password” for the “Meeting Appointment System” will be given.
When the process of registration will be completed and all the Exhibitors will be registered, your password will be activated and you are going to receive a message of confirmation.
                                                       ◊     ◊     ◊
General Terms of Participation
◊   Visiting "Key2Travel Market", is possible only for registered visitors.
◊   Non-participating hoteliers, DMC companies and other tourist service providers are not allowed to attend the event as Visitors.
◊   All the "Pre-scheduled appointments" will be held strictly according to the time-limit of event programme. We are asking you not be late for the event.
◊   Each Sellers’ table-top will have a number indicator and a sign board with the name of the Company. For more convenience, Exhibitors will be divided into categories corresponding to their type of activities.
◊   In case of cancellation of a visit, please inform the organizers about this in writing form. This will help to make the appropriate adjustments in the Exhibitors’ pre-scheduled appointments. As a visitor, you will also be informed about any kinds of changes in programme of the event.
◊   Without prior registration it is possible only to visit the “Indirect Exhibitors’” racks, Seminars and Presentations.