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     Reservation of the services, which provide all aspects for your stay in Almaty & Astana during the "Key2 Travel Market" available only for registered Exhibitors, and additional representatives of the Exhibitor companies.
◊   Reservation of the services will be available 5 days before the event on our website.
◊   Reservation and request of Visa Invitation for the visas issued by the consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad, is possible not later than 21 days before the event.
◊   Reservation and request of Visa Invitation for the visas issued at the airport in Almaty, is possible not later than 14 days before the event.
◊   If you individual booking your hotel and special service, please send to e-mail: event@travellab.kz 
◊   Payment of all reserved services must be made before the event.
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Key2TM Comfort 24-26.09.2017 & 26-28.09.2017


In case of difficulties with completting this form & when booking for daily rates, you can send a request to e-mail: event@travellab.kz