Information for exhibitors

Exhibitor guidance

     Companies showed interest and wishing to participate in "Key2 Travel Market" as a Exhibitors, should complete the form "Exhibitor enquiry" at the event's website.
◊   "Exhibitor enquiry" should be submitted up to 10 days before the event. It is possible that the application deadline will be a little earlier due to the total reservation of all the workplaces. The maximum number of workplaces available for reservation is determined by technical capabilities of the places where the workshop will be conducted.
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General Terms of Participation
◊   One workplace is registered for one Exhibitor company only, and for one representative of this company, and can not be shared or used for advertising or distributing the materials of another company, partners, hotels, etc.
◊   All the additional staff participating in the event should be pre-registered. Registration fees must be payed for additional personnel and they cannot be registered on the spot during the event.
◊   Non-participating hoteliers, DMC companies and other touristic services providers are not allowed to attend the event as Visitors.
◊   Allocation and distribution of workplaces will be made by organizers in accordance with the specialization of a company. For the convenience and for optimization of time and space of the event there will be the division of exhibitors into categories of destinations, with the separation and decoration appropriate workspaces.
◊   Additional design of workplaces, passages and the spaces between workplaces by promotional materials and constructions, mobile booths and etc. should be discussed with the organizers of the event. Decorating the hall walls are prohibited by the hotels.
◊   Production and placement the Exhibitor’s promotional materials during the event, is made only by the "Key2 TM" Team in special areas and displays, in accordance with a prior enquiry in the "Exhibitor reservation form" and by an agreements.