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Sponsorship opportunity & package 

     Organization of “Key2 Travel Market” is agreed and planned within the framework of general marketing programs which, in their turn, are developed for popularizing, supporting and developing classical and new touristic destinations and charter programs in Kazakhstan.
It is unable to conduct “Key2 Travel Market” without any support from the National tourism boards, tourist associations and unions as the official structures of countries and regions interested in the presence at the Kazakhstan market by maintaining and developing their destinations.
     We are offering you and your company an opportunity to be one of our sponsors by choosing any type of our “Sponsorship Package” corresponding to your needs, goals and capabilities. This will help to make the event more successful in general and to maximize the positive effect of your participation in it, in particular.
     Sponsorship participation assumes technical and organizational support, sponsorship of different parts of the event, different types of promotion and campaigns, as well as direct participation in the event by conducting nay seminars, and meetings.
     Organizers will gratefully accept sponsorship support from all the institutions and structures, interested in promoting their destinations and services at the tourism market of Kazakhstan. It is important to mention that sponsors will be marked by organizers in any possible way.
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     Sponsorship packages are presented in the following variants:
◊   General Sponsor - Country Partner
◊   Official Sponsor
◊   Catalogue Sponsor
◊   Sponsor of Evening part
◊   Sponsor of lottery
◊   Information Sponsor
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If you are interested in participation as Sponsors, we are offering you to contact us via e-mail: info@key2travelmarket.kz  We will contact you back as soon as possible and send description of all the possible option of Sponsorship.